Yaoundé has an ally: Cabral Libii welcomes “experience” of regional elections

President Paul Biya has signed a decree convening the electoral college for the long awaited regional elections.

The highly expected election has been scheduled for December 6th, 2020.

The move comes amidst a tense atmosphere as opposition leader Maurice Kamto has threatened to topple the regime if the regional elections are announced within the existing electoral laws.

Kamto had argued that the current laws of the land gives the regime all the cards and the Anglophone crisis makes it difficult to hold an election in the country.

He has called on all his supporters and the diaspora to be ready for massive protest to topple the regime, reshuffle his shadow cabinet and even sent a message of caution to the country’s military.

While government downplayed the efficacy of Kamto’s threat, CPDM bigwigs issued a reply of their own as Cameroonians watch with little expectations.

Surprisingly, days after Kamto’s threats, Biya signed a decree announcing the modalities and distribution of regional council seats, making the elections imminent and forcing Kamto to reinforce and whyb not materialise his threats.

The Head of State finally met the expectations of many who have been waiting for the polls, announcing the data and ignoring Kamto’s bluff. His announcement has sent the Francophone political elite to the social media.

While Kamto’s supporters and his party strategize to unseat Biya, many are ridiculing his threats; while for others, it’s just the proper time for the envisaged protest action.

One writes “the electoral college has been convened and elections scheduled for December 6th 2020, Pa’a Kamto you have the microphone”.

Another says “MRC boycoting regional elections is like a team which fails to qualify for quarter finals, but says it won’t take part in the finals”.

Kamto’s former ally Paul Eric Kingue says his party will take part in the regional elections and those who are not satisfied should go to Fokou and by a rope (probably and kill themselves).

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