{Watch}:Cameroonians in rural communities are living a nightmare amidst raining season

By Che Cynthia in Yaounde

It’s rainy season in Cameroon and inhabitants in almost all major cities are battling with massive floods even without rains.

Like any rainy season, it’s now becoming a sad tradition. Millions of Cameroonians are bracing up to lose love ones, houses and properties due to floods, landslides and bad roads all necessitated by raining season.

Already, Maroua, Limbe, Douala, Yaounde, Baffousam and many other major cities in the country have experienced some kind of flooding this far.

Small droplet of rains in Douala meant some parts of the economic capital would be submerged in water as denizens struggle to protect properties and human lives with people using canoe in some areas to navigate the “river”

Town planning experts say Cameroon has one of the worst town planning programs in the continent. The laws are there but nobody follows them said Jude a town planning expert in Yaounde.

Marred by corruption and negligence, houses have been constructed on risky areas with no good drainage system.

While existing drainage systems have been filled up with dirt causing floods with droplets of rain, local councils as well as ministry of urban development seem confused as to the way forward to resolve Cameroon’s flood crisis in our our cities which comes with every raining season.

A Cameroonian by name Mende jokes on Facebook following a recent flood in Makepe neighbourhood in Douala, saying “ Too much problem in the country until even the soil is tired of absorbing water”.

But the rainy season has been keeping government officials worries as it exposes the shortfalls of government’s working machinery and to an extend our experts or those who go by the name. Cameroon is flooding and we need to be concerned.

Roads are inaccessible, landslides from poorly constructed sites on the rise, deadly floods ravage the heart of our biggest cities and town planning experts watch in helplessness as the nation avail itself for a perfect case-study of town planning disaster.

Cameroon certainly has multiple problems and it’s city’s porous architecture is perhaps the most unsung one but remains as dire as corruption which has reduced the country to be a pariah of the sub region.

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