Unite For Health Launches telemedicine in Cameroon’s COVID-19 crisis

About now, workers of Catholic university Institute of Buea or those who are still left are holding a crucial meeting with the apostolic administrator of Buea Diocese, Chancellor of the University, and proprietor of all Catholic schools in the conference room of the Bishop’s house.

The meeting comes amidst a tense atmosphere in the diocese following the dismissal of Rev Fr Nkeze George as President of the Institution.

The dismissal of the former president to usher in another era with Professor Victor Ngoh at the helm sparked an unprecedented crisis in the diocese which dragged the church into muddy waters. Less than 24 hours after the bishop published names of new officials at CUIB in a sweeping dismissal of senior officials within the Institution in more than a decade, the outgoing President strike back through his lawyer barrister Sobe Clive

Fr Nkze petition the bishop whom he accused of heavy-handedness in managing Buea diocesan affairs to IFCU, describing his actions as illegal and says the administrator is acting out of the scope of his mandate giving him by the Pope.

He called on the International Federation of Catholic Collages- IFCU to call the bishop to ordered and reinstate him to complete his five years mandate giving to hi by the CUIB’s board of trueness- a board whose members were also dismissed by the new bishop

The letter sparked massive controversy within the church which spilled into social media and stunned church authorities -sources tell TeboPost

Bishop Bibi then responded, this time with more authority, dismissing the lawyer who drafted the communiqué and asserts full control in the diocese.

 In a strongly worded release announcing the termination of any contract the lawyer and his law firm has with CUIB, Bishop Bibi reminded all those who care to listen that he has the full mandate of the holy see, position himself as the Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor and proprietor of all catholic schools including the CUIB.

His letter quickly went viral on social media and was meant to send a strong signal that there is a new sheriff in town. His reminder was quickly backed back Rome, In a rare and speedy intervention and clarification, the Apostolic Nuncio to Cameroon- the Pope’s representative weighs into the crisis, declares bishop Bibi has full authority act as bishop of Buea Diocese and dismantle any structures he deems necessary for the greater good.

The Nuncio also reminded Christians that Michal Bibi reports directly to the Holy Father about his actions in the diocese and enjoys the full support of the Holy See in his recent actions.

The letter from the Nuncio poured cold water on any hopes by Rev Fr Nkeze and his supporters that the bishop’s actions could be reversed by the Holy See. Some of his supporters had claimed that as apostolic administrator, he lacks the mandate to do sweeping transfers and should only act as caretaker until a new bishop is appointed

But as the church throws its weight behind its bishop, many now say the priest should render an apology for rebellion and insubordination against a man he swore to respect during his ordination.

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