The Realionaire’s Approach to Poverty and Wealth – The Pyramidal Concept

First of all, consider the total number of alphabets that make the words ‘poverty’ and ‘wealth’. No doubt, we have a total of 13 alphabets. Let us picture each alphabet as a layer. In all, we have 13 layers. On the other hand, consider a pyramid. Imagine a 13-layer inscription on the pyramid.

Interpreting the Realionaire’s approach to wealth and poverty y, using the pyramidal concept, we will be viewing the strictly the first, mid and apex layers as the positions of people living in poverty, people living in average conditions and individuals who are said to be the world’s richest respectively.

Again, considering the 13-layer inscription in respect to worth, tantamount to monetary evaluations (dollars, the currency name to be used), the three major inscriptions will be defined. The first-layer inscription refers to people who are living on or less than 1/1000th of a thousand dollars (one dollar) on a daily basis. The mid-layer inscription, the position held by the average person, refers to those who are at the 6.5 mean mark, whose worth is basically in thousands of dollars and are able to afford the necessities and luxuries of life at optimum levels. The apex layer refers to the position held by individuals who are not only at the 13th layer but considered the richest in the 13-layer pyramidal inscription and worth several millions, billions and even trillions of dollars.

In a way, the apex layer is a culmination of the collective efforts of other layers, financially, materially and intelligence wise. The mid-layer is somewhat a ‘stagnation’ between the layers leading to the apex and the layers leading to the first layer. The first layer is the ‘suppression’ or ‘pressure mount’ by other layers.

Interestingly, individuals occupying the apex position attain this feat through over-the-years hardwork, dedication, focus, patience, investment, patience, inheritance gathered and determination on legitimate basis and or an illegitimate exploitation of the resources of their subjects, individually or collectively. The mid-layer position is occupied by those who have over the years scaled through the sub-layers and are apparently stuck at the 6.5 mean mark. The first- layer position is occupied by those who appear to be surmounted by them.

Ironically, there is always a constancy; change in the positions of people occupying the first, apex and mid layers. In other words, the individual occupying the first- layer may scale through the layers to the mid or even the apex layer or decide to stay put, the occupant of the mid-layer may scale higher, remain stagnant or drastically decline towards the first-layer. Also, the apex-occupying position holders can scale through even higher; afford to remain at that position and may go down the ladder of the layers to the mid or to worsen matters, the first layer! To justify these facts, there are historic accounts of individuals whose wealth increased and dropped to below-average standards and even poverty levels. In fact, their successes in terms of monetary worth follow the changes in the positions they occupy in the 13-layer pyramidal structure (precisely, individuals, from humble backgrounds, rising to world’s richest business gurus, people from middle-classed families, rising from, dropping to or being stagnant in the layer they find themselves and the ‘rises’ and ‘falls’ of the apex and first-position holders). However, many of us, irrespective of the layer (level of financial space) we find ourselves, anticipate a rise. How can best take that rise?

The Realionaire’s approach is a come-to-stay recognition which provides individuals with advantages to face-lift their worth by climbing steadily through the ladder, layers of financial space, irrespective of opposing circumstances by placing various levels of self investment; knowledge acquisition, empowerment, focus, determination, inspiration, development of relational skill development and a goal-getting orientation which is equivalent to the recognized monetary values (thousands, millions, billions and even trillions).

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