This virus and its genesis, remains a matter of apocalypse. In my estimation, it it is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, in a mystery. It is nothing like what the world has seen before, it breaks not just every conventional rule, but logical and psychological rules too and in Wuhan, its birthplace, there is mystery after mystery, enigmas in succession as patients test positive, then negative and positive again.
Scientist tells us that viral infections are broadly of two categories: the first spreads rapidly but it is not lethal, e.g. catarrh and common cold, the second spreads gently but is very lethal, e.g, HIV/AIDS virus. The covid 19 combines both, it spreads like hell and is very lethal and about its origin, the mystery gets fascinating.
There are enough reasons to think this virus was created, there are equally reasons in opposition, of thesame weight, to think that it was not.
To begin, the best scientists can tell us is that this virus is a genetic mutation of the genes of a snake and a bat. In simple language, a snake ate a bat that was infected, and the gene of the bat mutated with that of a snake, producing a deadly virus that was capable of affecting mamals, and did affect the first man that ate the snake. For the record, genetic mutation does not occure naturally, and ofcourse we do not become what we eat. I eat fish every day, but there’s no one day that my gene is going to mutate with that of a fish to produce a “fishy-human.” Am not sure about the source of this virus, but am certain that what scientists tell us so far is not just improbable, but very illogical, which of course begs the question of the natural origin of this virus.
Again, there are several movies about the covid 19. Of particular interest here is the Chinesse movie released by Netflix in 2018 titled MY SECRET TERRIUS. Episode 1 of Season 10 of this movie a chinesse doctor, earger for a biological weapon, tweaked the mortality rate of the MERS virus (a close cousin of the covid 19) that hit China in 2003 to 90%, manipulating it to specifically attack the lungs and with an incubation period of 10 to 15 days. Just two years after this movie, the covid 19 hit, with exact precision, so, was it just fiction, or they saw it coming?
Another movie, CONTAGION, released in 2011 and directed by Steven Soderbergh, did thesame. Was it a concidence?
Before we start pointing accusing fingers at China, it’ll be good I iterate here that there are equally enough reasons to think this virus is as natural as malaria and earthquake, just a part of earth’s system of checks and balances.
To begin, we must come to terms with the fact that our raping of nature wasnt meant to go unpunished, it is a mental delusion. Karma, or the law of cause and effect, never fails to exact its pound of flesh. We’ve destroyed, directly or indirectly, the enviroment, ozone layer, ecosystems and depleted from the face of the earth, animals too weak to defend themselves, thereby destabilising the ecological balance. Climate change was and is not a hoarse! As such, with an ecologically weaker earth, we are prone to more pandemics than ever and this virus may be one in a roll.
Again, history supports the theory that every after 100 years, a pandemic, defying all known laws of medical science for the time, attacks the earth. In 1720, there was the bobunic plague, in 1820 the first cholera outbreak, in 1920 the Spanish flu and in 2020 the covid 19. All of these pandemics were viral infections that took away thousands. The deadliest of all was the Spanish flu that killed 50 million. In this light therefore could the corona virus just be one of those “natural-mysterious” pandemics?
Finally, the covid 19 was predicted by many. As early as 1842, Edgar Allan Poe publised THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH, predicting the covid 19, in 1981, Dean Knoontz published the EYES OF DARKNESS, and in 2008, Syvia Brown and Lidsay Harrison published THE END OF DAYS: PREDICTIONS AND PROPHESIES, all predicting in exact precision, the coronavirus or covid 19. Hence was it possible that what they saw was a natural phenomenon waiting to catch up with time?


As earlier said, this virus and its genesis, remains a matter of apocalypse. It is a riddle, wrap in a mystery, in an enigma.
The earth is at a crossroad, sailing through an uncharted Sea, the best bet, our best weapon is to pray. If there is one lesson survivors of this pandemic should never forget, then In the words of Robert Jastrow in GOD AND THE ASTRONOMERS (1980) it is “the traditional song sung by philosophers through the ages: Man, thou art not omnipotent, thou art not omniscient, thou art a creature, not the creator.” I was taught in Metaphysics that the centre of reality is immaterial, it couldn’t have been more true with my experiences in this pandemic. Let us turn to God in prayers.

Ngwambe Mekila
Student of Philosophy,

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