Suspected Amba fighters butcher a woman in Muyuka

Suspected Ambazonian fighters have butchered a woman in Muyuka and dumb her body in the middle of the road in a heart-breaking video.

The woman who could be seen with her hands tied behind her back  was briefly flocked by one of the boys  before another one used a machete and almost divided her head from her body as she begs for help

The heinous video, sources tell TeboPost was taken in Muyuka earlier today Augus 11th 2020.

voices heard during the video indicates  the suspected  armed fighters are tagging  her as ‘black leg’ .

The video has been widely condemned by Cameroonians on social media

Some separatist leaders were quick  to take to social  media to distance their fighters from the video as condemnations pour in.

Many now believe the Anglophone course is losing focus and both parties  committing too many atrocities against the people.

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