Stripping Movie premiere: Historic crowd attend movie launch

July 10th, 2020.

More than 600 people trooped into the Mountain Hotel Buea to take part in the premiere of the movie “Stripping”. It was a movie which was scheduled to be premiered on March 20th, 2020 but postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak

Marketed and managed by TeboPost Media Group, organizers had informed ticket holders of the need to be patient and stay safe amidst a ravaging global pandemic which originates half the world away from Mainland China.

 On July 10th, 2020, the movie was finally rescheduled for screening amidst the government’s measures to ease restrictions and return normalcy in Cameroonian towns and cities.

Once again Buea, Cameroons entertainment capital and tech hub was chosen to host the event

For a movie, organizers had said was intended to strip all previous records and change the phase of the movie premiere in Cameroon which is characterized by embarrassing attendance and fashion disasters, team stripping kept to its billing.

Pulling a record attendance for any movie premiere ever held on Cameroon soil and lavishing guests with compelling movie scenes and unrivaled entertainment all within the context of a global pandemic.

Moviegoers say it’s the best premiere they have ever attended.

“Congrats to your team, you have succeeded to prove to Cameroonians that people can attend a movie premiere. No premiere in Cameroon has ever had this number” an attendee tells TeboPost

The movie talks about a young orphan called Vanessa who lives with the family of her aunt. The aunt’s husband is a drug dealer and the son a thief. Vanessa was constantly molested and raped severally by the two men who were supposed to protect her

Vanessa would finally leave the house, joined the stripping profession while the culprits would later be arrested for multiple crimes, and sentenced.

Full of intrigue and suspense, the 1hoour 45 minutes movie which was shot in Buea, Douala, and Limbe kept more than 600 people spellbound till 2:00 AM in the morning

The historic movie premiere, the first during the coronavirus era in the country was punctuated with musical performers from street king Big G baba, comedy from rising sensation Da grill and anchored by microphone kingpin Njeck  Sylvanus.

Support from Big Names

The Premiere also enjoyed the blessings and support of the biggest names in the country’s movie chessboard. Legendary movie producer Billy Bob and the team showed up as well as ace actor Chefor Valery and a host of top-notch actors were present to grace the moment and support rising stars

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