Sign Up Now: Information Saves Lives Webinar on June 25


As the global pandemic has required us to reimagine how we engage with our network of supporters, we are pleased to announce a new webinar series entitled #InformationSavesLives, sponsored by CTV News.

The goal of the webinar series is to bring the field to you. JHR will take you right into the heart of the places where journalists are fighting COVID-19 – and the social, economic, and human rights issues it has exacerbated. The series will showcase local journalists, global experts, and compelling individuals who are at the front lines of this challenge.

We invite you to watch JHR’s second webinar with the Honourable Karina Gould, Canada’s Minister of International Development and JHR Executive Director Rachel Pulfer in a discussion on how information saves lives moderated by Amara Bangura, Sierra Leonan journalist and former JHR trainer.

JHR would like to thank CTV News for their sponsorship and TuringLabs for their generous support in the production of the webinar series.

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