Shocking! Brother of IG ‘President’ Caught With 17 Million FCFA, Building Materials.

The brother of the self-acclaimed leader of the southern Cameroon interim government Sako Ikome has been abducted by some members of the non-state armed group known as Fako Mountain Lions operating along the Buea-Kumba road axis.

He was abducted on 8th August 2020 en route to the chief town of Meme Division South West Region Cameroon, one of the hardest-hit areas of the ongoing Anglophone crisis with 17 million FCFA and building materials worth millions of FCFA

The money  and the construction materials intercepted by the Mountain Lions were destined to be used to construct one of the numerous homes of the self-proclaimed leader of the Interim Government for the Southern Cameroon Movement.

The funds were allegedly contributed by members in their so-called war draft to intensify their quest to restore the former state of British Southern Cameroon.

According to reliable sources, the brother has been carrying out secret business dealings on behalf of the self-proclaimed leader who has anointed himself as a pastor and a warlord in the fight for the restoration of former West Cameroon.

Our authentic sources have confirmed to TeboPost that Sako Ikome’s building is along Buea Road in Kumba, which has been registered under a neutral name while he supplies funding from their  project known as war draft and My Tripe to Buea, MTTB.

“It is now clear that the so-called leaders of the IG who claims to be fight for the interest of Anglophones are now legitimately using the struggle  to enrich themselves while hundreds of thousands of people die in the bushes without shelter over their heads.” An Anglophone who did not want to be named said

The interim government has rejected reconstruction  government’s reconstruction plan, promising to wage war on any such move.

“Things are now clear that Sako and his gang of thieves are not fighting for the interest of Anglophones but their private benefit. His brother is caught with over 17 million cash and with building materials destined to construct Sako’s house.” Another Anglophone who has lost his house in  Kwakwa  added

The same so-called IG president who is against the reconstruction of the North West and South West regions   reports now say has been busy constructing his own house.

While Anglophones continue to die in bushes and through bunker wounds, some separatist leaders have made the war a business venture and are doing all to protect their interest.

The Anglophone crisis has been going on for more than four years with more than 3000 people killed and more than a million displaced according to UN agencies.

By Joel Taku from Kumba 

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