Safari in South Africa and Discover The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town

Safari in South Africa and you are sure to want to visit Cape Town, the “Mother City” and discover the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

Let me be an artist and paint for you the vision that is the Waterfront. I want to paint a picture before your very eyes, so that when you visit Cape Town, you will be able to say, “This is the very picture Helen painted!”

Vibrant and alive, not as it once was, with cargo ships trading on their way round to the Dutch East Indies, but with entertainment and delicious wafting food smells, enticing you to sit, relax and enjoy the sunshine and tremendous backdrop of Table Mountain.

Situated in what was once the working docks, The Waterfront embodies the 21st Century, whilst still conjuring up nuggets of its past history. The Time Ball Tower was originally used by navigators out in the bay to adjust their navigation aides, whilst other nautical attractions include the South African National Maritime Museum, the Victoria Museum Ship and the Harbour Masters residence. A Dragon Tree sits basking in the sun, whilst its nearest family reside in the Canary Islands – an early immigrant from the “Old World”.

The bright pillar-box red of the Clock Tower watches over proceedings, as you ponder the menu of Harries Pancake House. Hmm, now which one shall I have … the dark chocolate mousse or the banana caramel?

Out in front of you the jazz band is doing its best to keep your feet tapping, whilst a few meters further on the seals gently roll and dive, cooling their fur and sleeping off the effects of their fishy lunch.

Across the harbour, the glass and marble of the shopping malls brings relief from the hot afternoon sun. All manner of beautiful objects longing to make the trip home with you, lovingly wrapped in bubble-wrap to make it safely to that special resting place.

As the sun begins to slide into the water, a chilled glass of South African wine allows you to unwind from the days exertions in preparation for the evening sail into the sunset.

As one more day in paradise slips away, there’s always the knowledge that there’s so much more to see tomorrow.

“I have sailed almost everywhere in the world – except the moon, as my daughter says – But Cape Town is the best.” … Argentine Navy Captain

Source by Helen Palmer

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