Rich From Pens and Pencils – Writing Your Way Out of Poverty

Did you know that thousands of individuals around the globe are kissing poverty goodbye through writing? From secretaries who earn a few hundred dollars per month to copywriters who earn thousands of dollars per sales copy many are harnessing the power of the pen and pencils to become rich. The good news is that you do not need to learn copy writing skills or take a course in journalism to earn from writing.

First of all you need to get 6-10 products to promote. ClickBank is good a place to start. There you will find listed over 10,000 products to promote. Make sure you promote products that offer a reasonable amount of profit per sale to compensate your writing efforts.

Next, set up landing pages where you will be sending your visitors. It is not good to send them directly to a sales copy. You need to send them to a website where you offer additional useful information.

Perhaps you let them read other great articles you have written before showing them your offer. Once you set up your landing pages, you are on your way to become rich. Start writing articles and submit them to article directories.

For each product get 10 keywords and write one article per keyword. Submit the articles to article directories and use the articles to direct visitors to your landing page. Writing 10 articles will help you to test the sales letter for each product and see if they convert. Abandon those that do not convert visitors to sales and concentrate on those that convert.

Research your articles in Google using the keywords you have chosen. The key to writing your way out of poverty and join the rich is to produce as many articles as possible in a short time. The more articles you write the more visitors and the more money you make.

Your articles do not need to be award winning articles to attract visitors and make you rich. Just write what you know and keep moving. There are many people out there who will appreciate your knowledge. Just choose a keyword and keep writing.

You can easily write 2 to 5 articles per day. Yes, you can. At that rate it is possible to join the rich 6 months and then take the rest of the year off. Your articles will continue to send visitors and make sales for you long after you finish writing and lay down your pen.

Writing is not that difficult. However, if you feel that you cannot write then pay someone to do the writing for you. You can hire ghostwriters at $5-$7US per article. Yes, you can become rich through writing. Writing articles allows you live like the rich. The rich do not work for money. Money works for them. Similarly, your articles will work for you 24 hours a day while you play golf.

Source by Robert Mato

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