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America is mourning in anger. The killing of Gorge Floyd, a black American by a white police officer, during arrest in Minneapolis, United States has sent hundreds of thousands of people in at least 24 cities across the nation on the streets.

In the days since his murder, thousands of poured into American streets to protest his gruesome murder and those (other black Men ) before him in what is now known as systemic racial problem threatening to tear America apart.

The nation and indeed the world watched the unarmed man’s last moments in anger and shock as he pleaded for his life while Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his check all while  his hands are cuffed behind him as he shouted “I can’t breathe” and called for his mother to save him.

The protest began in Minneapolis and quickly spread like wildfire in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington DC, Miami, New York, Chicago and many others.

By Sunday May 31, more than two dozen cities had declared curfew with governors activating the National Guard as some of the protests turned violent with looting and destruction of shops and other properties raising concerns.

 Trump says the protesters are dishonoring the memory of Floyd and says his administration will designate the radical group-ANTIFA within the US as terrorist organization as his administration accuse them for the violence in the streets

America is angry and the world is feeling the heat

Trump and Biden Phone Call

Earlier during the killing, President Trump instructed the department of justice and FBI to investigate, saying it shouldn’t have happen and vowed justice would be served.

He would later call on Sunday May 31 2020 the family of the deceased along with opposition democratic leader and presidential aspirant Joe Biden to console the family and promise them justice for their lost.

But  some democrats and activists continue to point accusing fingers at Trump for inflaming racial tensions with his comments, even though black killings by police officers started even before the commander in chief took power at the white house.

Protesters say charges not enough

Protesters are demanding that arrested police officer who has been charged with 3rd degree murder be charged with first degree. Many say his actions were premeditated and are also calling for the other officers who stood by and watch him takes the life of the black man to also face justice for culpability. Police boss in Minneapolis has also echoed their views.

The killing of Floyd has rallied right activists and politicians like never before with many calling for justice and change of laws to make black people or people of color safer in America, Senator Cory Booker is leading the charge.

Protesters have vowed to remain on the streets until justice is done

Protests during coronavirus

Massive protests are posing a massive health nightmare to government officials in the country. Amidst ravaging coronavirus which has killed more than 100 000 Americans, protesters snubbed social distancing measures, creating a potential breeding ground for the spread of the virus which has humbled America’s economy at a time the nation was gradually reopening its factories and business to roll back lockdown measures

The Protests, pregnant with lessons for the world

But the fierce protest in America about an inhumane killing of a black man is sending valuable lessons across the world.

Leaders have continued to support the rights of peaceful protesters and condemn those who have opted to use violence to pass their message in the face of a re-current national tragedy which is a stain on America’s golden image around the world-its race problem

Democrats, whites or people of color alike have come together to condemn the killing  and demand justice  as America is standing like one man, giving the world valuable lessons how to go through a crisis and treat minorities.

Trump’s national security adviser O’brien in a state of the Union with CNN Jake on May 31st 2020 say the difference between America and the rest of the world is that when such things happen we rally  together, we shall investigate and get to the bottom and those guilty would be punished. Accountability and justice is assured.

And indeed America is rallying and teaching in the face of national tragedy which is sadly becoming all too often.

On Saturday, President Trump was briefly taken to a safe room inside the White house as protesters stormed the capital, Washington DC.

The lessons learned from the three days protest have been many.

On Saturday, a CNN black journalist and crew were arrested on the scene of the protest, causing shock and consternation around the world for a country which prides itself as leader of the free world

But once again America rose to the occasion, the arrested journalist and team were quickly released as the state governor condemned the momentary arrest and insists journalists must be allowed to do their job and a safe space created for them even during deadly protests

How about the police officers kneeling in front of protesters? In New York and Minneapolis, a group of police officers knelt in front of protesters to apologize for a crime by one of them, a rare show of humanity for police forces around the world. The images have since gone viral ever since.

Hispanics, people of Middle Eastern descend and whites have all joined the people of color in solidarity to protest against racial injustice which makes blacks more likely to die or go to jail because of the color of their skin.

Hundreds of thousands rallied across the nation with a group of white Americans kneeling and begging for forgiveness in one of the cities as racial tensions once again strike the soul of the most powerful nation in the world.

As America continues to burn and US government struggles to come out with plans to contain the protesters, some of whom are armed, the world can only watch which grief and admiration of how America is teaching and leading even in times like this

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