population alarmed as MTN makes nonsense of social distancing measures in Yaounde Agency

It’s an unimaginable change of fortunes for one time Cameroon’s fastest growing private higher insititution of learning that no one could have envisaged

The Catholic University Institute of Buea-CUIB has been marred in a an ugly political quagmire within the church that has robbed the University of its shine and shouting light it once beamed so brightly from the slope of Mount Cameroon

After enjoying a steady rise in popularity following the ascension of its President Fr George To IFCU as senior executive officicial, the Buea based University was self promoting its unrivaled online system which has kept its students on check during Anglophone crisis coronavirus era and provides vital lessons to other institutions

CUIB over the years have build and automated almost every single process, from application to study to online studies to payment of fees and even application for permission by employees

Everything in the University is online as they sought to Eliminate the use of paper, priding themselves as paperless institution.

But perhaps what makes the institution shout loudest was its unique mission to among other things train “professional servant leaders with spiritual and moral values…”

The University refused to compete with local competitors and insist its unique mission and mode of operation makes it a global University, touting their foreign mentors as proof their students and ready for the international job market

Students were taught to be confident, how to start and sustain business in a typical entrepreneurship fashion and among other things to be servant leaders in which every area they venture in life

But events of late have put in question the mission of the University and then it upside down

A bitter power tussle between University officials and church hierarchy has spilled into social media and the local court as the University now swims in negative publicity threatening to cause irreparable damage

It’s leaders have refused to replicate what they teach and many say the latest fighting shows they aren’t servant leaders because those who serve in truth do not fight to remain in power no matter the reasons

Many are also questioning the integrity of its leaders to train students as servant leaders despite the flagrant disrespect of church authorities and their superiors

Social media users have been quick and wild in their reaction, decrying the move and warning the University might never be the same again after this power wrestling

It’s embattled leaders however insist they have no issues leaving power but want due process to be respected, even as the word “process” now is subject to diverse meaning and interpretation depending on where your loyalty lies

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