Pertinent Edification About African Mores With Nigerian Poet

Agony and victory are two of the most essential aspects that got finely depicted by the arts and literature in Nigeria. As a result of which, esotericism got neglected at some point. But then, there are series of poets whose poems and poetries are completely based on the humanitarian ground that covers love, care and positivity, etc. Wonderful blending of all these facts and traits has vehemently taken the African literary domain to a higher level. In this aspect, role of poetries that are generated from Nigeria, one of the most populous countries in Africa, is of paramount nature. Today, even after the five decades of independence, it has become one of the dominating parts of world literature.

Elevating Factors That it Beholds

Going by the history of African literature, it gets finely depicted that, oral tradition and lore were the substantial factor behind the enrichment of poetry in Nigeria and the regions around. Literature is actually a perfect generation of the emotional response by the habitants of this region (who were the victims of colonial administration and its severe after-math). Poets used the touching phrases and rhythms to edify one and all about the injustices of colonialism. Evaluation shows that Africa is void of written history from which its past can be generated. In this perspective, development of poetry is undoubtedly of massive assistance. However, as such developmental factors came into existence after the colonial ruling, Indo-European dialects got prominently signified. Today, Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Breton, Brythonic and Goedelic subgroups and their lingo are used in every other literary works. Poetry is of no difference either.

Wonderful Amalgamation of Instances

Pre-Colonial, Colonial and Post-Colonial genres are three of the most essential segment in which Nigerian poetries got divided by the poetic gems. It is with the wonderful credentials of Nigerian poets only, that the social stances of the multi-ethnic population of the region got essayed. They are the one who portrayed the fact that the love for poetry among the population of Yoruba, Igbo, Fulani, Efik, Bini, Nupe and Igala, etc. were present, even before the colonial invasions. Poets used poetries and its verses as an apt weapon to bring forward the consequences of capitalism and also the war in between socialism and capitalism. Each and every forms and genres of poetry in this region got dignified with the undermining aspects of colonialism. But then, today, creation of Nigerian poetry got thriving success due to its ability to confront the social, political and economic catastrophe. Rhyme, rhetoric and reasons all got perfectly blended to gift poetries a whole new charm and appreciation. That the poets are dedicated to bring back humanity and social justice, love and care gets supremely essayed too.

Oil exploration of Niger Delta, negativity of slavery and numerous other negative aspects are responsible for generating global recognition of this region. The larger and broader aspects of environmentalism and Federalism are the effective factor for its acknowledgment basics too. However, with the words and creativity of the poets and writers of this region it got a significant place in the literary map of the world. Nevertheless, these set of poets and their poetries are the ultimate source to be enlightened with the actual facts of Africa and its by-gone times.

Source by Rony Sneijder

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