Our Tribal Heritage, the Last and only Resort

I’m a die heart for this concept of Africa to go back to their tribes.

Listen to my Mentor Musician, Fela Kuti, he elucidates this in his song Teacher don’t teach me nonsense Nonsense to mean This foreign Democracy which is a DEMONSTRATION F CRAZE.

How comes it is only in Africa (Democracy) that we keep having military takeovers?

The British who brought it?

Take this succinct example Bui (Non-Tribal) Warriors will destroy while #NsoFirst (Tribal) will heal. Do you hear any village names being used in the current war in our villages? No? And how do you think they can go back to their villages?

No way.

The fight and journey to our natural origin is very difficult as put in the podcast above

The few who fight for like Sankara, Kambare Mwalimu Nyerere, are killed and relegated.

Post this video even on Facebook, it would be pulled down. Put it on YouTube, it might also be pulled down.

Put up anything feminism (which is aimed at destroying the family – the only resource blacks have/had) it will be promoted. Notice this renowned African PRofessor PLO Lumumba, with all his knowledge, he is just relegated by all African leaders – why? He advocates for Africans to go back to their roots.

The road to our tribal heritage is very very far. This is a war, which in the widest of my imaginations, I see no victory anytime soon.

But at least, I began my (own) journey (Nkwain Sam History and Heritage).

Insofar as it is a war, then we must win.

As to when? That is left to the Gods.

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