Mother Of Journalist Detained By DSS For Allegedly Criticising Akwa Ibom Commissioner Protests After Denied Access To Him

Agnes Akpan, mother of the Nigerian journalist, Kufre Carter, detained by the Department of State Services for allegedly criticising the Commissioner for Health in Akwa Ibom State, Dominic Ukpong, has protested after she was denied access to her son on Saturday.

Carter, a sports journalist based in the state, was arrested over allegations that he defamed Ukpong in a phone conversation. 

In a video on Saturday, Akpan lamented the ill treatment of her son and accused the Nigerian Government of causing her trauma. 

Video of Mother Of Journalist Detained By DSS Protests As She's Denied Access To Her Only Son

She said, “I am here in DSS, my son did not commit any crime. Even families of armed robbers are permitted to see their son in a cell and see how he is doing. 

“My son did not commit any crime. To my surprise, the governor of Akwa Ibom State authorised DSS not to allow me see my son. I am here by the gate of DSS, they are not allowing me and my children to see my son.

“What happened? I don’t have money, he gives me the small money I use to eat because I retired since 2016 and the governor refused to give me my gratuity, I’m being fed by my son.

“You want me to die? The same government you want me to die? I am now on drugs, if I die, God will demand my blood from you, you did not allow me to see my son.

“What sin did my son commit? Did he kill somebody? Please let me see my child, for goodness sake let me see my son.” 


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