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The newly appointed President of of CUIB Professor Julius Ngoh has taken over.

Today July 2nd 2020, the academic Don continues his contact tour with a visit to the CUIB DOUALA campus at Bonamoussadi to meet students and staff in that area.

His visit comes one day after he officially took over his office at the Buea campus in Molyko after a tense standoff with security forces as the gates were sealed.

As the new President takes stock of the state of affairs in the diocesan University rocked by succession scandal, TeboPost is getting chilling details about the handing over rituals.

Sources in Douala campus tell us offices have been emptied, University cars “sold” and many other items from the campus have disappeared.

One of the staff of the university who talked with us this morning said “ I am shocked. I entered my office and it was empty, everything has been removed by those people. Everything.”

TeboPost learns industrial printers, office computers, photocopiers, internet modems and hundred of laptops donated by President Paul Biya to the University and many other items were removed before the official handing over to an unknown destination

Almost all University cars have also been sold, and the CUIB kitchen emptied as well, our source tell us

The unprecedented move from some members of the previous administration has shocked many who are now calling for an investigation.

According to last assets count of the University dated May 2020 which TeboPost has s copy, almost every item there has been taken out of the University, totaling hundred of millions

“This is totally unacceptable” one worker told us, “some thing has to be done about this” He added “

TeboPost has tried to reach out to some members of previous administration for comments but they are yet to response.

The move comes amidst a troubling start for the new team following resistance by former President and his baord to leave office after the appointments by bishop Michael Bibi on June 14th 2020.

Multiple court petitions and endless social media attacks against the bishop has failed to alter the decision. The outgoing President said he was handing over on May 30th 2020 through YouTube video and in July 1st 2020, he shared a letter on social media touting his achievements in the past decade as President/Pro-Chancellor of the University.

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