Kumba massacre: Cabral Libii calls for state of emergency in Anglophone regions

Black Saturday_ Carnage_Massacre

These are some of the words Cameroonians have been using following the headless and gruesome killing of atleast 10 innocent kids in school today October 24th 2020 in Kumba, headquarters of Meme Division South West Region of Cameroon.

When Cameroonians thought they had seen it all with the Ngarbuh massacre, killings in Lysoka, butchering in Muyuka and Pinying and the burning of entire villages in South West and North West regions, another carnage emerges again in Kumba.

News earlier today that two gun men, suspected to be members of separatist fighters free-walk into a Mother Franscisca International Bilingual Academy and opened fire on innocent kids, some as little as 3 years old beats the imagination of any right thinking individual on planet earth.

Tens of kids were shot at close range in a shooting spree which lasted minutes, their only crime? They are going to school.

Scenes in Kumba today were reminiscent of terrorist attacks by vicious humans in far away Middle East and Northern Africa.

Barely minutes after the carnage, the DO of Kumba 1 Subdivision, faced with a grieving crowd infront of his office struggled to beat back tears as he outrightly condemned the wanton killings.

“I will take a gun and go to the battle field” the DO said. He added that there is no justification for killing innocent children.

The DO then urged grieving parents to fight and defend the rights of their children to go to school and perhaps end the crisis in their town.

His politicization of the attack in an attempt to use it as a weapon against armed separatist fighters and their backers comes as no surprise to many who have been following the events of the Anglophone crisis.

Infact, Yaounde is expected to make a similar move to weep international sentiments and portray the pepetrataors as evil and indeed that is who they really are- DEVILS.

In the wake of the Ngarbuh massacre in February 2020, separatist fighters didn’t fail to quickly weaponize the killings and flashed the gruesome images on social media while tagging world leaders.

The shocking images gained the attention of the international community then as CNN, BBC and major international news outlets picked the story.

But this isn’t about politics! Opposing forces in the Anglophone crisis can’t play politics with the blood of innocent children for over four years with no end in sight of the bloodshed.

*Embarrassing Security Breach*

The killing of of innocent children in a school located at the heart of one of the major cities in an Anglophone region isn’t just a security failure of unpardonable proportions but makes mockery of government’s repeated claims that children’s security is guaranteed while in school.

While there is no justification whatsoever for such killings, government’s continuous failure to acknowledge the Anglophone crisis is far from being over, has endangered and keeps endangering the lives of many of its citizens.

Separatist fighters who have portrayed themselves as saviours of the people are not compete to oust match one another in terms atrocities against the very people they were expected to protect.

Even though the killing of some prominent fighters like Generals Ayeke and Mad dog in a series of successful military operations recently might have weakened the resolve in the fighters in some quarters , the Anglophone crisis is certainly far from over as the potency of the fighters still remains a meaningful threat which cannot be normalized.

While government is expected to condemn, name and shame the killings as well as assure citizens that adequate security measures will be taken to guarantee safety, many just want an end to the war

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