Kenya Buries First Doctor to Succumb to COVID-19    | Voice of America

Kenyan doctors are continuing to treat scores of coronavirus patients, a day after paying final respects to the country’s first doctor to succumb to the virus. 

Health officials in protective clothing brought Dr. Doreen Adisa Lugaliki for burial Monday, in a service attended by a few relatives.  

Chibanzi Mwachonda, deputy Secretary-General of the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union said 38-year-old Dr. Lugaliki’s death was so painful doctors labeled the day “Black Monday.” 

Lenny Lugaliki, Dr. Lugaliki’s brother, acknowledged she was a diabetic, but said her sudden death four days after being admitted to the hospital was a shock.  He said the family was looking ahead to bringing her home and caring for her so she could get on with her life. 

Nearly 200 people have died of the novel coronavirus in Kenya and more than 10,200 others have tested positive for the virus. 

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