Kamto vows to bring down Biya through popular protest if …

By Akombi Lionel in Buea

Locals in Mutengene, Tiko sub Division of the South West region are already feeling the heat of the latest restrictions on machetes, axes and iron rods by Minister Paul Atanga Nji

Multiple Reports from the junction town, which is predominantly made up of farmers say security forces are already seizing machetes from farmers for lack of permit

One source tells TeboPost “you have to give police officers 500 FRS CFA bribe to be allowed to go the farm with your machete”

“Police officers seized two machetes from my friends the yesterday on their way to farm, I was shocked” Tifuh Chris, a worker with the CDC who now farms due to the crisis tells TeboPost

Chris went to condemn the action of the minister saying “this is the most senseless decision I have ever seen, so you expect  a 70-year-old mother to go write a letter to use a machete?” He asked as he fumes

Peter Njari, another farmer in the town  also spoke with us “ it’s a total shame, police now take a bribe from poor farmers just because they hold a machete”

The anglophone population have been outraged following restrictions by Minister of territorial administration Paul Atanga Nji on the sales and purchase of machetes, axes, and iron rods

The decision which is aimed at restricting the flow of these potential weapons to the hands of separatist fighters have received backlash from the population

According to the ministerial order, citizens in these regions must prove the are farmers or butchers before applying to the Divisional officer,. all while presenting identification credentials before owing a machete

An order begging for details

Critics have labeled the order reckless, unreasonable and overbearing

According to many Cameroonians, the order is a true reflection of Anglophone marginalization in the country

But the order leaves many loose ends

It fails to address what should be done with the tens of millions of cutlasses, axes and iron rods already circulating in the market

The order also fails to clarify what to do in case a licensed machete is missing and/or accurately define a farmer.

Many are also worried that they don’t know what to do if they bring these items from other regions where the ban doesn’t apply

Cameroonians on their part have taken to social media to write ‘application for machete challenge’

Multiples applications memes have floated social media, mocking the decision with many saying it’s bound to fail and enrich corrupt security officials like the case in some towns and villages already

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