Kamto is not blabbing:Announces ‘government’ weeks after issuing a red line

Opposition leader Maurice Kamto has appointed what many say are members of his ’government’ in another daring move

MRC leader Maurice Kamto has today September 3rd, 2020 appointed members of his cabinet as his party prepares to topple the government if regional election date is announced

The legal luminary has appointed different persons to head positions of responsibilities such as Defense, Education, Health, Reforms etc.

While Kamto titles his positions as Secretaries rather than Ministers, the positions mirror that of a full flesh government made up of Defense, Communication, Health, Education, Public Relations, and many more.

It is not yet clear why the appointments were made and his party did not indicate if they are shadow cabinet members as is the case with opposition political parties.

Kamto’s supporters and party insiders, however, say the opposition leader is simply setting the stage for easy transition should regional election date be announced and ensuring protest to topple the regime

On August 24, Kamto called on his supporters, civil society, diaspora, and even the Military to prepare for a massive protest ahead to unseat Biya if regional elections are held within the existing electoral laws and the ongoing conflict in the Anglophone regions.

His call has already attracted criticism from some members of government who say Kamto wants to take power from the streets.

According to the Territorial Administration Boss Paul Atanga Nji, the SDOs and DOs know what to do to keep law and order in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

On his part, CPDM Scribe Gregoire Owona rubbished the call, saying Cameroonians are United behind President Biya who has a new mandate to develop the country.

On September 2nd, 2020, President Biya signed a decree announcing the modalities of forthcoming regional elections, making the date imminent and potentially setting that stage for a historic political event in the country’s cosmos.

Political observers say this is a clear message to the powers that be in Yaounde that Kamto is not blabbing.

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