Journalist unions in a conundrum as lose tongue Obama talks himself to SED

Controversial journalist and former director of Vision 4 television Ernest Obama have been arrested in his office in Yaoundé.

The journalist who on several occasions has called for the killing of Anglophones to suppress secessionist sentiments was reportedly slapped by security forces when he requested to speak to his lawyer. Dragged, beaten and forced to seat on the floor of the car barefooted, many are wondering the crime of the controversial broadcaster to warrants such humiliation

Several employees were also questioned by men in uniform during the early morning raid today June 18th, 2020.

The reason for the raid is not yet known

The humiliating arrest of the journalist has sparked murmuring rather than outright outrage in many journalism quarters

Why sources tell TeboPost his arrest might have been linked with a book he wrote which puts him at odds with his powerful boss, other sources say he was involved in the mismanagement of funds at his reign as director of Vision 4 TV

Obama has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Known for his hard-line stance on TV in the heydays of the Anglophone crisis with his bullish and sometimes insane remarks, the arrested journalist has been berated by colleagues in the past for fanning genocides in the Anglophone regions.

Calls have been made to the National communication council to take action but those calls failed to resonate with its members as the all-powerful Obama  went on the free right on tv, making all sort of accusations and analysis many deemed inflammatory

His position and relationship with the all-powerful boss, Pdg of Group l’Anecdote, Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga meant Obama could virtually air how comments with swag within the margin of professional limits with no fear of disciplinary action.

Journalist associations are now faced with a monumental task of defending one of theirs, who have been anything recently but journalist

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