I Am the Proud Granddaughter of an Immigrant

I think back to many years ago compared to know and how things have changed from one generation to the next. What if a decision to leave a country was the best decision that has been made?

If my grandfather was not as brave and eager for a better future in America, there would be one less advertising graduate, one less clothing store, and one less student in my family. If there weren’t so many eager young individuals thriving for a better future by giving their energy, their youth, strength and love for this country, America would have known cease to exist the way it does now.

The America I see now is in gratitude to my grandfather and the many individuals who strived long ago in the fields of our past. I am thankful for both of my parents and family in pushing me to pursue my dreams and being a role model in always pursuing a better tomorrow. They pursued the better tomorrow knowing they would only receive the smallest of benefits from their hard work.

Today I am an evidence of that dream.

At a very young age my grandfather left the life of poverty under a dictatorship in Cuba for the promise of a new life in the United States. My grandfather then came to the United States and worked in order to provide education for himself at the University of Miami.

Unlike my grandfather, I was born into a life with a life to dream and pursue in whatever my heart desired. A country with endless possibilities, where the sky was the limit and where there was hope for future myself and for future generations to come.

I am thankful that I had a very humble upbringing, with only one sister. One of the most important things that I was taught since a young age was the importance of having an education. My childhood was filled with the joys of laughter, love and belief in God.

My parents created a paradise in a modest, four bedroom home in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida.

Even though I may have been born in the United States, my family has raised me in a Cuban way. Even though it may be difficult trying to meet friends who understand the same rules the way Cuban decent parents are, and the way they have raised you, there are still many people who can relate to you.

I am forever grateful to have been born and raised into the United States as an American due to one decision that was made by my grandfather.

I can dream. I am an American and a proud granddaughter of an immigrant.

Source by Carmen Gallardo

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