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The much talked about Biggy237 tele-reality show has been officially launched in Douala Cameroon. The house entry party took place yesterday August 3rd 2020.

25 contestants will be taking part in different activities for the next 8 weeks as they battle to win a 10 million francs CFA cash prize and other benefits at the end of the show.

The show will be taking place for the first time in the country, mimicking Big Brother Africa and BBNaija which has now become an annual tv rendezvous for millions across the continent.

But while BBNaija has already made its name running for years now after the breakup with Big Brother Africa, Cameroonians are desperate to have their own show and the excitement which welcomed Biggy237 was a testimony.

Biggy Entry house party: They failed again!

The house entry party organized on August 2nd 2020 to usher the contestants to the Biggy house has (like different aspects of the show) been marred with massive controversies and cheap scandals, just like during the official ceremony to introduce them to the public months back.

Social media has been a-washed with criticisms of the house entry party with Cameroonians finding fault with just everything that night.

From the choice of the host(s) to the sequence of the event, many say Biggy237 house entry party was a total disaster and rightly so.

The chaotic shameful coordination of the event was A PR suicide for the brand, making the country’s entertainment industry a laughing stock in the continent

Independent event organizers say the entry party was a text book example of how an event should not be organized and organizers of the show say they are “sorry and have learned a lot.”

“It’s a total embarrassment” a popular event host in Buea said “ “we should stop joking in this country” he added as Cameroonians make nonsense of the show on social media and urge organizers to shut it down.

Controversies and orginsational lapses have always trailed Biggy 237 ever since it was announced, and its organizers have practically spent more time doing damage control and crafting apology letters than making the event better and Fit for viewing.

Many had chastised the entire concept for lack of originality, long and laborious selection process and even its inability to attract substantial sponsorship.

The publicity arm of the show has also come under attack for not doing enough and the latest segment of the show to come under the knife has been the decision to air the show at a time which would coincide with BBNaija-everything Biggy237 does seems to have have been attracted clap back on social media

What about Where to watch the show?

Organizers don’t seem to be sure and all their live streaming sites currently carry nothing about the show despite promises made it would be ‘live’ immediately after the house entry party.

While organizers brandished social media sites where the show will be live-streamed, the much talked about Biggy237 TV has failed to beam on air, atleast not yet, leaving the fate of the show in tatters.

Support your own manstra worked, but it’s fading under the weight of criticism.

But despite the lapses, backers of the ‘support your own’ have clamped down on critics, insisting Cameroonians should rally behind the show and show support their fellow Cameroonians.

Corporate organizations were reprimanded by fans for taking back seat role in one of the biggest entertainment events in the country as many point out double standards by multinationals in other countries where support for such events is impressive.

MTN and Le Brasseries du Cameroon would later join the organizers as major sponsors of the event, even though their their sponsorship packages remain shrouded in secrecy.

The arrogant show of lack of professionalism last might might further kill any remnants of “Biggy237 patriotism” left in the hearts of many and raising fresh concerns- it sponsors who are already dragging their feet might flee.

Insiders tell TeboPost organizers are still strugluing to get the show on air despite promises made that it would be airing immediately after the house entry party

It is not yet clear if the house is fit to run with cameras and other sound systems ready to go.

Organizers however told TeboPost last week all was set.

Contestants are still recovering from a bad night after coming under unguided words from their amateur event host last night who made insulting them the theme of the night

While the event host of last night would tender her resignation on social media the following morning August 3rd 2020, legal experts are beginning to express worry about the terms of conditions the Biggy237 team members are hired.

They don’t sign a basic non-disclosure agreement? A legal mind asked as he wonder why would an event host take matters of the show to social media, discrediting the show in the process.

In all fairness, Biggy237 is in an organizational crisis and many are beginning to ask why the rush?

Could the event not have been properly planned for a year or two before being launched? One is tempted to ask as everything about Biggy237 seems to generate problems

While established BBNaija is already running and occupying comfortable time in the tv schedule of million of its Cameroonian followers, many now believe Biggy237 May as well die even before the show was born if nothing is done- and pretty quick.

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