Herbal Hemorrhoid Remedies – Treating Hemorrhoids With Bitter Gourd Juice, Radish and Yarrow

Are you one of the many people suffering from hemorrhoids today? This is what happens when the veins around the anus become swollen or inflamed, leading to painful bowel movements and even bleeding. One of the usual culprits for the development of hemorrhoids is lack of fibers in the diet and irregular bowel movements such as when you are suffering from chronic constipation or diarrhea.

Although hemorrhoids are not a serious, life-threatening medical ailment, it is still something that you cannot ignore because of the pain it causes. You can either go to the doctor or use herbal home remedies to deal with it instead.

Why Use Natural Home Remedies?

Do you know that your kitchen or the supermarket may have all the medicines that you need for all common ailments? The cost is very minimal and you’re sure of the purity and freshness of the things that you will use because you’re preparing them yourself. The idea is for you to harness the chemicals that are naturally present in various herbs in order to deal with any infection or pain. There are so many natural home remedies to deal with hemorrhoids if you would only take the time to do some research.

What Natural Home Remedies Can Be Used?

Bitter Gourd Juice

The leaves of bitter gourd vines are very effective in treating hemorrhoids. Bitter gourd (scientific name Momordica charantia) is a vine that has an edible fruit which is probably the bitterest vegetable in the world. It is commonly grown in Southeast Asia, Africa, China and the Carribeans.

The leaves of bitter gourd vines are known to increase peristalsis to help regulate the bowel movement. You only need to extract the juice from a teaspoon of crushed fresh bitter gourd leaves. Take this three times a day for one month. Another upshot with using bitter gourd is that it is also known to lower blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure, so you will get all the other health benefits while treating your hemorrhoids.


Another home remedy you can use is radish. Radish (scientific name Raphanus sativus) is a common root vegetable used for cooking. It has a lot of different varieties with diverse colors, sizes and even the length of duration for cultivating it. Unknown to many, radish has a lot of medicinal properties as well, and is very effective in controlling the inflammation or swelling in the anus.

In order to prepare radish, you only need to use a food processor and liquefy chopped fresh radish with a little bit of water. Drink 50 ml of the radish juice twice a day for at least two months.


Yarrow is another effective home remedy ingredient. Yarrow (scientific name Achillea millefolium) is a flowering plant that is native to the northern hemisphere. There was a time when it was known as herbal militaris because it was used to stop the flow of blood from wounds during ancient wars.

To prepare yarrow, you only need to boil about 10 to 15 leaves of the yarrow plant in 250 ml of purified water. Strain the extract to remove the pulp bits and drink this every day for one month.

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