Group Tackles Nigerian Lawmakers, Says National Assembly Becoming “Absurdist Theatre”

The Citizens Quest for Truth Initiative has tackled lawmakers at the National Assembly over the recent outburst that has followed its public hearing.

The group posited that the lawmakers were serving their personal interests while pretending to represent the people of Nigeria. 

In a statement by Obiaruko Christie Ndukwe, National President; and Francis Udoka Ndimkoha, National Publicity Secretary of the group, they questioned the budgetary allocation to the National Assembly as they demanded an #OPENNASS.

The group is also asking President Muhammadu Buhari to order a forensic audit into the accounts of the National Assembly.

The statement reads, “It is worrisome that the NASS feels free to investigate MDAs based on frivolous petitions, sometimes, from faceless groups, but will not turn in their members accused, with evidence, for complicity and culpability in the sleaze going on in the MDAs they oversight.

“There is no better time to call for “Open NASS” than now.

“We call on the President to order a forensic audit into the accounts of the National Assembly because Nigerians will like to know how it is being spent on the public hearings that have become a comedy of sorts.

“The fact that billions are voted for the renovation of the NASS complex, yearly, while ordinary air conditioners in the venue for these public hearings are barely functional speaks volumes. 

“The time to stem the tide of this absurdist theatre is now.”

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