Global Warming's Effects on Humankind

Global warming is something that we all should be aware of. It is something that we should be concerned of. It is the reason why the world that we are living in is changing in a negative way. In addition, if we do not do something about it, it will get worse and worse until the time comes that we can no longer fight it. Time will come that the damage that it made will be irreversible and all hope will be lost. However, rejoice for today, we still can do something about it. However, how can we understand and be motivated if we do not know anything about it. Do not worry; we are here to explain to you some of the effects of global warming. We hope that through understanding, you would come to realize the urgency of the problem.

Effect number one

Have you noticed the weather lately? Have you noticed the freaky change on the weather patterns? You are right; These are the effects of global warming.

Effect number two

The global rise in the temperature causes the polar ice caps and iced-covered continents to melt. It then becomes water and then it is dumped on the ocean. This significantly raises the sea level, flooding low-lying coastal areas.

Effect number three

Lands are turned to deserts because of the extreme heat. We have seen it so long ago in Africa, but now Asia, Europe and the United States is experiencing it. The warm climate makes the land drier, which makes it impossible for people to produce food. Food is what keeps us going and if we are no longer capable of producing it, we will die.

Effect number four

On the good side, global warming gave birth to new industries. All of these industries have the sole purpose of creating solutions for the different problems brought to by this phenomenon. It is a good sign that people are finding ways to fight it. Let us face it; it is here already and let us find ways to fight it.

These are some of the effects of global warming that we are all experiencing right now. Although there are many people who deny its existence, all we can say is to let the obvious speak for itself. We cannot deny the fact when it is starting at us on the face. We clearly can see and feel the effects manifesting. Let us stop denying the obvious and start finding ways to counter it. Join the campaign and stop global warming.

Source by Daniel Lanback

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