Fako court verdict: Nkeze takes victory lap in a case he is destined to lose

On Wednesday, June 24th, 2020, a Buea base court filed an injunction, halting the decision of the Buea diocesan bishop appointing new officials of the University

According to the verdict, the appointment by the bishop violates CUIB’s status, and hence, it’s illegal.

 The ruling (which has been appealed) gave a rare glimmer of hope to the outlawed CUIB administration and its board members who are bent to drag the University tumbling image to  retirement

Caught at crossfire, CUIB students who pay about a million francs CFA are now caught in the crossfire in a shameful display of administrative defiance

For a man who has always touted the authority of the bishop as indisputable during Bishop Bushu’s reign when he was the star priest, Fr Nkeze Christians are now saying  have cautiously dragged the church to the streets with his rowdy quest for power.

As president at the helm of CUIB for more than a decade, the US-based priest who opted to go on permanent sabbatical is now leading a fight many have cautioned him to back off

Court verdict: a storm in a teacup

Experts say the ruling of the Buea-based court is nothing but a storm in the teacup and will do nothing to help the rebellious priest’s case.

The verdict against the representative of the Holy Father Pope Francis who only recently was assured he enjoys the full confidence of the Holy See with regard to all the changes in the diocese has shocked Christians and  many say it has proven  his critics right

Touting a CUIB statute which insiders say was greatly doctored by a few handpicked boards of Trustees members to shield him from the rod of a new bishop as Bushu was due to retire, the document is now at center of what promises to be  length legal battle.

Fr Nkeze and his team have constantly violated the very statute they now tout in court and brandish to their dwindling follower, a CUIB employee tells TeboPost.

Most of the board members have been replaced by Nkeze’s loyalists over the years and the content of the statute hidden from the public eye ever since it was signed by Bushu for fear of criticism, our source added.

Sources within the church say the court verdict has been appealed and the Vatican has expressed keen interest with the case as even the church is shocked by the unholy resistance by one of its priest against a church property

While it’s evident the court ruling would be revoked, sources close to the renegade priest says he is prepared to leave the priesthood just to challenge the apostolic administrator

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