EU Cap and Trade in Airline Manufacturing Sector – Incestuous Government-Corporate Scheme?

Is the European Union’s Cap and Trade strategy designed at curbing CO2 emissions and protecting us from “global climate change” (theory) and protect our environment, or is it all just an elaborate scam? And no I am not talking about the several false starts of their Cap and Trade program, or the massive fraud uncovered where folks made millions trading CO2 credits (air) they weren’t actually entitled to or certified to do – or even the hackers who ripped off millions and shut the system down temporarily.

Rather, I am speaking to the use of regulations to unbalance free markets between industry competitors and then forcing those sectors to participate in the controversial and financially questionable the Cap and Trade system they’ve set up. Perhaps, you’d like to hear the latest example happening? This one involves the airline and aviation industry, and it’s going to be a costly indeed.

In fact, not long ago there was an interesting article in SpaceMart Online titled “EU sets CO2 limit for airlines” by Staff Writers in Brussels (UPI) – posted on March 9, 2011, which stated; “The aviation industry, which is scheduled to enter the EU Emissions Trading Scheme next year, will have to work with a carbon dioxide limit of 213 million metric tons, the European Commission said this week.”

First off, the airline industry has made it clear that this will increase airline ticket costs, kill profits, and force the airlines to buy new aircraft at a time when fuel prices have skyrocketed. The article also reminds their readers that “In January, 2 million carbon allowances worth an estimated $38 million were stolen in the biggest fraud targeting the EU ETS.” Which if you do a little checking online you will quickly discover this to be factual.

Now then, in checking up on these new requirements, I noted that the new emission limits just happen to be set at the exact number of CO2 output as the new Airbus Airliners for various size and number of seats, well that’s convenient. So, is this new cap and trade really about selling new airliners, thus providing jobs, or is it about “global warming” theory? Sounds to me like this is nothing more than business and politics, where an incestuous relationship exists between industry and government.

And guess who takes it in the shorts? The flying public – all this so a few folks can trade air at the expense of all of us. Indeed, I hope you can see what’s going on, because as much as the EU cap and trade has been a failure, there are those in the US who can’t wait to implement the same scheme, and get their greedy little hands on the loot. And they know just which politicians to bribe to make it all happen. Hold on to your shorts when flying America, not only do they want to see inside of your shorts with their scanners, they want to get into your wallet as well. Think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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