DISTURBING: statistics of F.S.L.C show school resumption is ineffective in South West region.

A group of Anglophone religious leaders have backed the government’s plan to reconstruct the North West and southwest regions of the country

The 10-year reconstruction and rehabilitation plan which is largely funded by the United Nations Development Agency and foreign donors received the blessings of the religious leaders during a meeting held in Douala on August 5th, 2020.

The meeting had in attendance the bishop of Buea, Archbishop of Bamenda, Cardinal Tumi, the head of the PCC and Baptist church, Imams of Bamenda and Buea among others

According to a press release issued by the clergies, the reconstruction plan is a good move to give relief to the suffering population of the Anglophone regions and the men of God urged the population to welcome the initiative and support it.

The Tasong led reconstruction mission has faced criticism from the population as many believe the government and separatists should end the war before effective reconstruction can take place

The US top diplomat for African affairs, Tibor Nagy in his recent address to US congress said the reconstruction drive will be “unsuccessful” because the regions are still plunged in war.

The government and its supporters however insist it’s winning the war and it’s time to rebuild.


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