Disclaimer: Our Terms and Conditions

This disclaimer is written to clearly spell out our aim as we run this blog and project. It is written to clearly outline our intentions in order for so many of our readers whichever political divide they belong to, to engage in our project while knowing our stated intentions. As its subtitle indicated, this is the free speech corner of Africa that runs exactly the same as the Free Speech corner of Hyde Park in London, United Kingdom.

We encourage the readers to come here for the most challenging and the most daring reflections, the most abnormal and rare approaches and predictions of rare minds. Therefore, most of what we read here is not just merely to recount news like other blogs do but we encourage frank opinions to be expressed clearly and concisely here without fear of favour.

Again, this blog is created as a reaction to enhance freedom of speech which is the inalienable right of the human person, and which in so many countries of Africa has been flaunted without remorse or accountability, and so in our blog, journalists, philosophers, historians, commentators, and everyone has the right to say what he or she wants to say in the most constructive way and reflective way, that will enhance our agenda, which again, in our subtitle is to “end dictatorship and colonialism”.

In so doing, we welcome what is injurious and very injurious to dictatorship, dictatorial regimes and neo-colonialists regimes of Africa that are perpetrating the unending strife witnessed in Africa. We encourage all the forms of reflections and reactions that are geared towards bringing down those regimes that prey on their citizens in various forms and images and in their various unjust laws and strategies.

What we refrain from, is what will be injurious to humanity and especially to the humanity that exists in Africa. We shun terrorism, we shun what limits every form of legal rights and freedoms of the Africans as enshrined in the Charter for Human and Peoples’ rights. We stand out out-rightly against any state or country in Africa that is still propagating any form of repressive and or brutal dictatorship over its people, any political hostage taking of citizens of any country of Africa we condemn in the strongest terms and will not hesitate to publish out-rightly any materials aimed at bringing down those governments that are an embarrassment to humanity as well as those western accomplices that do not respect human rights in its entirety.

We adhere closely, to all the international instruments and to the rule of law, and most especially to those laws and practices that fight against torture and all forms of cruel and inhuman treatment, all forms of discrimination against women and children, all forms of marginalization and irresponsibility of governments towards their citizens, and we will not hesitate to condemn and publish any materials that criticize these scourges of humanity in the clearest terms without apologies to anyone. So, if any regime, individual or personality feels threatened by whatever is published in our blog, he or she must prove beyond reasonable doubts that it was intended to be injurious to his person, or structure and is allowed to seek redress in a court of law.

All in all, we render no apologies to any countries that are rightly criticized in this blog for the ills perpetrated therein, and we call on them to respect human rights. Repression is a primitive and shameful tool that has no other intention than to suppress the truth and so we are clearly fighting those repressive regimes and individual perpetrators of repression in any state in Africa be it economic, and especially political and otherwise.

We respect the human person and we encourage all to use reason to end dictatorship and colonialism in Africa. Africa must change for the better.

While encouraging all forms of critical thinking, and while guiding these for the advancement of the peoples of Africa, we want to indicate clearly, that the publications herein, in our blog and it the resource area of the Forum for African Philosophers, and every article of our blog are the responsibility of their respective authors and the publisher or the blogger may not take any responsibility for the content found therein. Likewise, those published as useful opinions are the responsibility of the respective opinion holders. While most if not, all of the articles in this blog are authored, the blogger clearly refrains from taking any form of responsibility for the specific content of the various articles contributed to the forum for African Philosophers, the Resources Sections and the various articles of the general blog.

Again as a further precision, those articles marked “as published by” are not written by the blogger personally, but are judged to be useful to the general philosophy and mission of the project. Those marked with “by” indicate clearly their authors.

When peoples, thinkers, philosophers and journalists find nowhere to express themselves where they have legitimate right to do so, “Africa Must Change” becomes the unapologetic forum and avenue to speak out, because it clearly identifies with and adopts entirely the governing articles and principles of “The Speakers’ Corner’ or the ‘Free Speech Corner of Hyde Parke as clearly stated in numerous places in the blog and herein mentioned above. Therefore, if this is the way Africans must express the steam in them for the growth of Africa, then we are liable to no apologies to anyone, system or structure that may find it injurious to its inclinations and practices. Here, freedom of speech is only within the limits of the governing principles of the Free Speech Corner as it is today.

Africa Must Change for the higher good and if we must bring down rogue and evil structures, as is permitted within reasonable limits of international law, we will do so.

With best regards.


Mbiydzenyuy David WANTANGWA

CEO, Founder – The AFRICA MUST CHANGE Project