Death of YouTuber raises debate about exposing baby bump

By Che Cynthia in Yaounde

The YouTube star who died with her baby on Saturday July 11th 2020 has sparked a lot of controversy in Yaounde, capital city of Cameroon

The inhabitants of Yaounde city have been debating the issue

“I consider a video shoot of a naked pregnant woman as total nonsense ,what’s the purpose all about? Have we suddenly forgotten about our African culture? “Pelagie Raissa a public translator questions

Some city dwellers went ahead condemning the YouTube star, Nicole Thea who passed away with her first child on  July 11th 2020 in UK. “

This should be a warning and an example to our young girls out there ,taking this as a joke is stupidity ” an inhabitant of Yaounde city explained to TeboPost

There is however no link between her death and her her public life as a social media influencer where she constantly flaunt images of her pregnancy along with her husband on Youtube and Instagram

Nicole Thea, a YouTube personality, dancer and accessories designer died at 24.

The UK-based social media influencer was best known for posting videos documenting her pregnancy, which was eight months along, and the cause of death is unconfirmed at this time. Her unborn son also died.

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