Daridra Yoga – Yoga of Poverty, Financial Straits and Miseries in Astrology

What is Daridra yoga?

The yoga producing dire poverty, wretchedness, financial straits and miseries in the life of the native is known as Daridra yoga. Due to this yoga the native will have to face poverty, troublesome and quarrelsome periods in life, he will becomes greedy, mentally disturbed, dumb and sometimes enforced to beg.

Factors responsible for Daridra yoga:

Ascendant: personality and general characteristics of the native

2nd house: denotes quantity and accumulation of wealth

5th house: indicates fate, wealth through speculation, shares, bonds,

6th /8th/12th house/lord: indicates loss, loan, theft, mental tension, begging and bad habits.

Jupiter: significator of wealth, gold and treasury

Venus: significator of worldly pleasures and comforts

Different combination for Daridra-yoga:


  • The lords of ascendant and 12th exchange their positions and combined/aspected by lord of 7th.
  • Ascendant lord is associated with the lords of 6th/8th/12th and aspected by malefic.
  • Lord of ascendant with a malefic combined with lord of 2nd/7th in 6th/8th/12th house.
  • A natural malefic, which is not the lord of 9th/10th, occupying the ascendant and aspected by lord of 2nd/7th.
  • Lord of natal’s ascendant and navamsa ascendant occupying 6th/8th/12th and associated/aspected by lord of 2nd/7th.
  • Moon and Ketu combined in ascendant.
  • Lords of ascendant and 6th interexchange their houses and the moon is aspected by lord of 2nd/7th.
  • Lord of ascendant posited in 8th aspected by lord of 2nd/7th.
  • If ascendant and its navamsa are in movable sign and the ascendant is aspected by Saturn/debilitated Jupiter.

5th house:

  • Lord of 5th posited in 6th/8th/12th, without having beneficial association/aspects.
  • Lord of 5th posited in 6th/10th and aspected by lords of 2nd/6th/7th/8th/12th.


  • Sun is exalted in birth chart but debilitated in navamsa chart.
  • Venus/Jupiter is debilitated in the chart.
  • Mars/Saturn/Mercury/Jupiter are combust/debilitated and posited in 6th/8th/12th house.
  • Jupiter is debilitated/in inimical sign and posited in 6th/8th house.
  • Moon combined with Rahu/Ketu and aspected by malefic.




Source by Geeta Jha

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