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The country’s first ever tele reality show or should I say Facebook streamed reality show ended yesterday October 3rd 2020 in Douala.

You might be forgiven for not knowing the show has ended or who the winner of the show really is as many entertainment lovers in the country are probably still trying to beat the excitement mixed with weariness about the recently ended Big Brother Naija Lockdown edition which kept Africa really busy and glued to their tv.

The Biggy237 project showed all the signs it was a project destined to fail as the lack of adequate funding and planning gave potential marketers reason to read the Signals.

From lack of sponsors to poor organization and questionable management, the project was lacking in substance and indeed visionary probity.

Critics lambasted the show’s sponsors for borrowing Nigerian version without a Cameroonian touch.

A lengthy pre-house entry process which saw hundreds of youths struggling to get into a house which many ex housemates now regret saying they were starving while in there has made the experience painful to remember.

Sponsors were hard to come by, many vamoosed as the project on paper failed to placate them, adverts and endless scandals surfing the new show, the numerous mistakes were far from being glitches of a maiden edition.

From the very start, the show was a disaster. The house entry party in Douala generated a lot of crises after the hosts of the night have the world a text book example of a bad event host.

But that was not all.

Organizers struggled to get the show on tv and when they finally settled on Biggytv few days into the show, the tv channel was very hard to get on cable and for those who saw it, the images were cancerous to the eyes.

Organizers focused on streaming on Facebook and with troubling internet speed in the country and high  price for data, the show was quickly relegated to the footnote of entertainment  menu of many Cameroonians who wanted to support it for the sake of patronising our culture in the first place.

But even at that, the tv was taken off air, sources tell TeboPost organizers could not pay to keep the Tv running and as the show saw a sinking popularity, the scandals only amplified when evictions started.

Former housemates gave damaging  stories of starvation in the house, favoritism, bias and corruption- all  typical of a Cameroonian system as many quickly forgot the show.

Organizers were left with a hundred or so followers on Facebook in a country of about 25 million people, activities which were announced were mostly shelved and those who worked on the show were in prayers to see the show finally come to an end.

The two months show justified why Cameroon was in the table of Nigerian comedians’ menu.

Ridiculed and shamed by our giant  neighbours for running a show many say looked like a prison camp-and they weren’t far from the truth given what we now know.

From the size of the house to the cash prize and channels to follow the programme, Biggy237 failed.

While Nigerians  glowed and made Africa proud, their Cameroonian counterparts have no reasons to celebrate. Cameroonians dislike locally produced and managed entertainment contents, and Biggy237 is a good reason.

While Nigerians regularly play games and winning prizes 10 times the final prize  Biggy237 winner is scheduled to have if at all she will, many now see the young Cameroonians who went through the pain of free will prison-like detention with pity rather than admiration and envy as those who took part would have wished and indeed hoped.

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