CUIB crisis: Vatican enraged over violation of framework agreement with Yaounde following court order

As Catholics and non-Catholics alike continue to express shock and consternation over the legal embroil involving the apostolic administrator of Diocese of Buea and his priest father George, legal experts are worried the court’s decision might have strained relations between Yaoundé and Vatican

On June 23rd, 2020, the Fako high court halted the bishop’s decision to dismiss officials at his University as one of his priests Fr Nkeze accused him of acting out of his powers and filed multiple lawsuits against his bishop, causing outrage anger and fury among Christians

Legal experts have questioned the decision of the court and say the priest and his handpicked members of the board lack the competence to sue a bishop who according to canon law is the proprietor of all catholic schools

According to a 2014 framework agreement between the Vatican represented by its Nuncio in Yaoundé and Cameroon government, Article 6(2) states that “The administration of properties belonging to ecclesiastical institutions is subjected to the rules provided by Canon law and by Cameroonian legislation, each one within its area of competence”

Article 8(2) of the agreement further states that the Republic of Cameroon and the Holy See agree to settle through diplomatic channels any issue that may arise from the interpretation and application of this Framework Agreement

Experts also point to the Contents of letter no 10/02173 of 28th May 2010 by the minister of higher education to bishop Bushu, (representing the diocese  of Buea), granting authorization to open CUIB., stating it’s a diocesan university and not Nkeze’s

Legal experts, therefore, say the court verdict is against the spirit of this longstanding agreement between the church and the government of Cameroon and sources say the Vatican is furious at the developments

The Apostolic Nuncio in Yaoundé has been keen and closely the following development and the church had stated the bishop has full backing from the pope-A source within the diocese tell TeboPost

Our source also said the Holy See had petitioned the Cameroonians government through necessary diplomatic channels and the days ahead will be pregnant

Critics of Nkeze accused the priest of taking advantage of bishop Bushu’s health to fill the board with his relatives and close friends and building a shield through its statute to protect him from dismissal

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