CUIB crises: Militarized campus, sealed gates and massive staff boycott mars transition

Workers of the Catholic University Institute of Buea -CUIB has met unprecedented resistance this morning July 1st, 2020 in front of the school gate.

Newly appointed officials, as well as returning employees, were met by a sealed gate and armed security forces at the entrance of the school as they attempted to get in

After a tense standoff, the newly appointed officials and the other employees were allowed to break the locks and enter the campus

It is not yet clear who gave the orders for the institution to be sealed

The Fako court has recently issued an order, paving way for those who were newly appointed by the bishop to assume office in the Buea based diocesan University, canceling previous order which had halted the appointments on June 24th, 2020.

Reports from the University also talk of a massive boycott of top administrative officials. “No one is here,” one of the few returning employees told us on the phone. “It’s totally deserted, it’s like they don’t want to hand over power” he added

TeboPost learns no senior staff of the university shows up during what was supposed to be an official handing over ceremony. The outgoing President Fr George Nkeze had however declared on social media that he has handed over, days before the official date to do so

It is not yet clear if the employees were not duly informed or they have resigned from the institution

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