Count Your Ways on Saving Money

Would you believe if I tell you that saving money is a state of mind? Yes, it really is because before you can start saving, you have to give up the spending. You will need to convince yourself all the time that you actually need all the things you’ve been bought.

Here are some things you may consider to retrain your brain.

Accept thriftiness as your best buddy. Have you noticed that all your practical friends sewn their shirts instead of buying a new one? Well, by doing this they save money.

Be inspired. There are many sites that are devoted on living on less, just search some and I know you will find inspiration from the stories of living a simple life.

Cry poverty in a stylish way. If you are ashamed to let your friends know that you are saving (but why?) there are stylish way of crying poverty like, “I know a cheaper place to eat and the food is really great, let’s try it today” and “Cab? Not this time, I’ll take the bus.” You will know that it’s relaxing this way and you did it with fashion.

I am not saying that you need to live miserably when living on less. As I said it is a mind conditioning. I will give you some tips on how to incorporate savings in our everyday lives.

Rule # 1 – Don’t pay unnecessary fees. Penalties from bills that you forgot to pay on time and returning your rented videos late are examples of needless spending. Avoid them at any cost.

Rule #2 – D-I-Y is best. If you can fix your leaking faucet, or can paint your wall and trim your garden you can save cash for not paying for pro. It can boost your self-confidence too with those small accomplishments.

Source by Eliza Tam

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