Coaching Tennis In Japan

It's cloudy in Kansai, Japan today, but hopefully the sun will come out soon and show its face a little later on this afternoon.

In this article I want to share my own tennis story with you guys, so we can get to know each other a little better.

Every tennis player has a story to tell inside of them.

"Write yours down today and look for those critical moment in your career up to this point and write down your plans on how you are going to deal with them in the future."

On to my story.

I'm from Missouri and I played in the Missouri Valley Conference back in the late 70s and early 80s as a junior, I made all state twice in my junior and senior year and was ranked 3rd in singles and 2 in doubles both years.

I played against guys like Cameroon Thomas and Kieth Foxsworth, who were ranked 1 and 2 in our age group for juniors.

Then I had a cup of coffee on the satellite tour, before my career was cut short by a car accident.

I took the career ending injury hard at first and went into a deep depression for 2 years.

I finally came out of it in Hawaii and it was there, that I got approached by a Japanese tennis owner, to come and teach here in Japan.

The school theme was "Tennis In English" and it was a big hit from the get go, but after doing that for 5 years, I wanted to start my own school and do my own thing, I mean, why keep getting this guy rich , right?

After 6, months I quit and started my own tennis school !!

The problem was, Kansai is small and he was my sempai (my senior), so fast forward.

I finally got my "English Tennis School" going after 3 long hard years.

Now I am transitioning my tennis consultant business online and teaching privates here and there around Hyogo.

That's an outline of my tennis story.

As you can see my first critical moment in my career, was recovering from my car accident, and it was also a defining moment for me, because I could have went either way at that time.

Why did I share this with you guys?

You too, have a story that you need to tell and you need to write it down, and look for those critical moments, in your story.

Meditate on them and do what you have to do, to make them right.

Then move towards your goals.

Thanks for reading and also please share your story with me in the comment section.

I would love to hear it !!

Now make it a great day for yourself !!

Source by Thomas Jay Daniels

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