Civil War Submarine Appears in Backyard Pool

German born engineer Julius Kroehl built the submarine in 1864. Its purpose? To secretly deliver undocumented Primate species from cargo ships (returning from Africa) to underground research facilities located in Washington. Under the authorization of Ulysses S. Grant, the animals were trained for use as frontline infantry in the Union Army. Transport of the simian super soldiers was made possible thanks to the fully submersible vessel known simply as “The Grey Gator.” Thirty five feet long by ten feet wide, it could successfully dive to a depth of 15.5 feet.

History tells us that the last known voyage of the Gator came in 1870 when she dove to a foolish 16 feet. Although the captain and seven monkey recruits were lost at sea that fateful day, it would mark the beginning of what is now referred to as Guerilla Warfare.

So how did the remains of this ancient maritime marvel end up in Pasadena last Tuesday morning? “We have no clue” responded Ted Davies after finding the sub resting on the custom sand-entry beach of his freshly installed backyard swims-scape.

“I never heard of this Grey Gator but maybe you can help us explain it’s historical significance to the Terrace Heights Home Owners Association at the community hearing this Friday,” remarked Davies wife Carol. “They want to fine us $350.00 unless we can paint it an approved color and get our neighbors to sign off on it.”

As with all mysteries, theories regarding it’s sudden appearance are beginning to circulate. Some speculate that the pool was once connected to the ocean in earth’s distant past. Others believe it was part of a military time travel experiment gone awry. Still others suggest it might be the work of Davies “good for nothing” son-in-law who stuck it there as revenge for not funding his expedition to find the wreck of the Grey Gator.

Source by Roger Krypton

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