Cameroonians pay homage as Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam journeys home

By Akombi Lionel in Buea

Go well honourable.

The funeral of honourable Mbahndam Joseph took place yesterday at hotel de Deputes.

Top government officials and members of the public came out in their numbers, clan in black to pay the last respect to the collosal legal luminary and political giant who passed away last April 12, 2020.

Mbahndam was a visionary politician and a passionate statesman who embodied the true essence of servant leadership. He was a dynamic and a clear-sighted leader with a combination of charisma, integrity, courage and willingness to stand up for what is right. He was a selfless politician who put the common welfare of his people at the forefront of his political aspirations as a sincere politician who understood his minimum responsibility as an elected political representative.

He was a servant leader with morethan 20years of active and praiseworthy services to the nation guided and underpinned with a sense of integrity and honesty an anchored on patriotism. Mbahndam Joseph was a courageous voice for justice, an indefatigable advocate of good governance and democracy and a driving force for positive change. He was a brave man who sought moral than physical power, and had set an example for his people. He was a true pillar of wisdom and moral strength, and embodied values, principles and ideas that will survive the passage of time.

Mbahndam was visionary statesman who believed in the noble principle of equity, justice, inclusive governance and sustainable development. He was a tireless advocate of a one and indivisible Cameroon whereby every Cameroonian would represented and treated alike.

He was a distinguished leader and a political figure who was guided by his hopes and moral compass, and defined by his unconquerable courage, resilience and wisdom.

His insight into the present world situation energized him, deepened his compassion from those suffering from oppression, and motivated him to live in a way that brings peace into each situation he encountered.

He was a fighter justice, and tireless advocate for the voiceless marginalized Anglophone minority.

His generosity and developmental initiatives towards the rural communities, earned him recognition from many local leaders who always consider him as a peace crusader.

He strode with grace and dignity among great politicians of his time, and matched out of the stage of life with splendour. His significant contribution to good governance in our nation makes him a true statesman.


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