Cameroonian Minister thanks Biya after cheating death in an accident

Yaounde July 6th 2020.

Communication minister Emmanuel Rene Sadi has rebuffed news of government’s involvement in ceasefire talks with incarcerated separatist leaders

News had spread across the national territory on July 3rd 2020 that Ambazonain leader Sissikou Ayuk Tabe and nine others were briefly taken out of their cells on July 2nd 2020 to negotiate with government on possible ceasefire deal.

Ambazonain activits, opposition leaders, TeboPost as well as International media houses like Aljazeera and AFP all reported the supposed ceasefire talks.

Almost all newspapers in the country also carried the stories about the talks during their Monday July 5th edition.

Many had welcomed the secret talks, saying it was the right step in the right direction and urged government to align with UN goals and call for ceasefire during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sissikou Ayuk Tabe reportedly issued a statement on his official Facebook page , acknowledging the talks, saying he and nine others had insisted during the talks that independence is the ultimate goal and would inform the population as the talks make progress

*Shocking denial*

The denial issued through a communique signed by communications minister Sadi has sent shocked waves across the political divide, embarrassing news organs and ridicule political leaders and activists who had started opiniating about the talks.

Government has denied its involvement in any talks, insist forces are committed to keep civilian population and their properties safe and and call on armed groups to end the “atrocities” being committed in Anglophone regions

The July 6th communique also states government’s readiness to seek peace through dialogue in the Anglophone conflicts

*Biya missed an opportunity?*

The communique experts say have rubbed government and most importantly its leader President Biya the opportunity to positioned himself as the beacon of hope and icon of peace in the conflict.

Many had congratulated the President for the initiative to engage the incarcerated leaders for dialogue and insist its the only way forward to free the country from this war

Independent observers had praised Biya, labeling him beggar of peace, before advising he needs to look beyond his war-prone ministers to end the crisis as the supposed peace talks made waves.

But all hopes were shattered today July 6th 2020 as Sadi denies government’s involvement in the talks, saying it’s not “consistent with realities”

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