Cameroon: Tomato farmers commit suicide as market prices plummet

By Che Cynthia I’m Yaounde

Lockdowns affects prices of Tomatoes in Cameroon markets.

Prices of tomatoes have recently been hard hit due to covid 19.

The farmers have been targeting sub Sahara countries such as Nigeria a neighbouring country , which used to buy over 10.000 baskets of tomatoes daily from cameroon.

The closing of borders in the past few months have made these huge amount of tomatoes stuck in local markets resulting in a serious drop in prices .

” A basket of tomatoes that use to cost 4000frs and 5000frs has experience a drop to 1000frs and 2000frs of recent.

In Yaounde like in many other cities across the country, the markets are flooded with tomatoes , says a seller of tomatoes in Mfoundi Market in yaounde.

“We are forced to sell on give-away prices , due to the stuck we have in our farms ” she continues

The high cost and perishible nature of tomatoes is the main reason farmers are in a crises .Other crops are yet to experience such drastic price fall

Tomatoe dealers are clamouring for the authorities to open the borders so it can be transported to different international markets to salvage the farming season

A source told Tebopost , two farmers reportedly killed themselves due to the price fall, some are on medical care due to the fact they could not bear the lost .

Aminou, a tomatoe dealer explains” i invested 5million into this business hoping that the borders would have opened by this time , but what i get is 2million “

As the say “another man’s pain is another man’s happiness ” consumers welcome the drastic drop this season with enthusiasm.

“My freezer is stocked with tomatoes , how i wish it could be persistent” says madam claire a restaurant owner

Nevertheless , prices of tomatoes recently had an increase from 2000frs to 3000frs a basket .

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