Cameroon: Outrage as professor beats student with machete on campus.

Barbaric and unacceptable. These are the words used by many on social media as a viral video of a professor beating a student with machete goes viral

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In two videos circulating on social media, Professor Eustache Akono Atangane, lecturer at the University of Yaounde 2 could be seen beating a student with machete inside the Annex campus of Yaounde 2 University based in Ebolowa, South region of Cameron.

In another 28 seconds video, a group of people could be heard speaking in French and Bulu while another one pours water on the boy lying on the floor as the professor continues his flocking, this time with a ‘stick’

It is not yet clear what the boy did but TeboPost learns he is a student of that University.

The videos have  sparked national outrage and condemnation from Cameroonians as many are now calling for the professor’s arrest

“No matter what he should not have taken laws in his hands” Kome said on Facebook

“He should be arrested immediately” another social media wrote as the video goes viral.

The video surfaced online yesterday August 9th 2020.

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