Cameroon: Government debunks fake information about gendermarie officer

Cameroon: Government debunks false information circulating on social media about an alleged solider many say is Amba at night and genderme during the day

Ministry of defense spokesperson writes


An image of two joint pictures that shows a personnel of the National Gendarmerie who is officially a Gendarme during the day and an “Amba boy” at night, is circulating on the social media.

The National Gendarmerie officially debunks these false and baseless allegations.

The photo in question is as old as 2015. It was shot in Libongo, in the East Region, upon return of an operation launched against poachers who were decimating elephants in the Lobeke Reserve.

Enlarged, the photo in question shows a service vehicle behind our valiant Gendarme.

The Ministry of Defence strongly condemns this shameful photo editing…

…which is certainly a plot mounted by vicious and ill intentioned spirits, contemptible persons of the Republic during the day and accomplices of terrorists at night.”

The Navy Commander,
Head of Communication Division, Ministry of Defence

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