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The 2020 session of the General Certificate of education, GCE exams have started all over the country

The writing phase of the exams which started this morning August 6th, 2020 will run for two weeks.

Administrators at the Buea based GCE board say the exam is taking place in strict compliance with COVID-19 safety measures spelled out by the Prime Minister and Head of Government, Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute.

At the Government Bilingual Technical High School Buea everything started as planned but for a student who burst into tears because her name could not be found in any of the class lists

It was later sorted by the administrative staff present and she was allowed to write

Feedback from other GCE centers in the South West and across the country say the exams started as planned with students all students mandated to wear a face mask before entering the hall.

More than 350 000 students will be seating for both GCE O-levels and A-levels. The exams which normally take place in June were moved to August due to coronavirus outbreak.

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