Cameroon: DO deploys police, bans marriage ceremony of opposition figure

The Divisional officer of Yaoundé II has banned the marriage ceremony of BIBOU NISACK on grounds that the ceremony has not been authorized

Nisack who is the official spokesman for Maurice kamto’s MRC party was banned from carrying on with his wedding which was scheduled for August 14th, 2020 at Massao hotel in Yaoundé

TeboPost learns the main reason is that opposition leader and government nemesis Maurice kamto will be guest of honor at the marriage ceremony

According to instructions issued by the DO, the organizers of the marriage which he says is public gathering have not obtained necessary legal document to run the ceremony

The DO’s decision has sparked condemnation from opposition leaders and activists

Writing on his Facebook page, French blogger Boris Bertol says the decision is worse than what colonial Masters France did to the UPC rebels

He added that among the terrible things done by the colonialist, they didn’t deny marriage rights to the rebels back then

 Speaking to Equinoxe radio moments after the awkward ban, Nissack says it’s a decision which drags the image of Cameroon to the gutters, vowing to continue with his plans to marry at the Hotel with kamto as his main guest

“I am ashamed for my country; the rules that govern the exercise of marriage are subject to the rights of people. So they are governed by the judicial and non-administrative rules, it is a constitutional guarantee. It is an act, motivated by political interests, that drags the image of the Cameroonian public administration in the mud.” He said

“Going to the Massao hotel with my witness, Maurice Kamto. We will celebrate with the guests and I will build myself a prisoner if I have to be arrested because I have made the noble wish to marry ′′ he concluded

Heavy police presence at the hotel this morning August 14th (the day of the marriage ceremony) to enforce the ban has shocked Cameroonians about the decision

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