Cameroon: Buea mayor, David Mafani continues in the footsteps of his predecessor

Buea Mayor, Barister David Mafani has continued in the foot steps of his predecessor, mayor Ekema Patrick of blessed memory when it comes to sealing of shops and businesses in his municipality

The mayor and his team accompanied by security forces were seen sealing shops, banks and companies today July 13th 2020 for respecting ghost town on Mondays-a tradition for almost all towns and cities in the Anglophone regions ever since the start of the Anglophone crisis.

According to information from a Facebook page owned and managed by the council, the council says the mayor is committed to continue sealing shops till all businesses stop respecting ghost town

“In her continuous efforts to beat the “ghost” in Buea, the Buea Council in collaboration with Defense and Security Forces, this Monday July 13th, 2020, is currently embarking on a campaign geared towards encouraging bussiness owners in Buea to desist from closing their shops on Mondays. The statement reads in part

“This action of sealing closed shops according to the Landlord of the Municipality, Mayor David Mafani Namange Esq., will continue unperturbed to the point wherein the business life in the City of Buea is normalized especially on Mondays.” The post concluded

Mayor Mafani has been praised by many city dwellers for what they termed his “emotional maturity” in managing the affairs of the important and historic town.

Many have applauded the mayor for his humility and say he is man of the people

It remain to be seen how the population would embrace this latest action from the Lanlord of the municipality

Many mayors and administrative officials in the two regions have tried fruitlessly to end the ghost towns using different measures.

Armed separatists have vowed to punish any business which disrespect the Monday Ghost town.

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