Cameroon: Artist Longue Longue To leave Cameroon for good

By Akombi Lionel

Cameroonian musical maestro, Simon Lonkana Ano, popularly known as Longue Longue, made it unequivocally and emphatically clear in verbal plainess and distinctness that he is departing to Canada and never to return.

The pugnacious, antagonistic and quarresome Longue Longue, in his customary and habitual mood of bellicose jingoism, said his country hasn’t been able to bestow on him the regard he deserves.

The musical prodigy became a laughing stock when his passport was seized months back for questioning the veriscimilitude and authenticity of Paul Biya’s landmark victory in the 2018 presidential election.

Longue Longue, in the extensively publicised video, pointed that the 2018 elections were characterised with a torrent of irregularities and fraudulent manipulations by the ruling party, and added that Biya has never won an election in Cameroon, describing his victories in presidential elections as products of fraudulence.

The self-conceited, vainglorious and loudmouth microphone virtuoso cited the case of Fru Ndi in 1992 election, asserting that Fru Ndi won the election but Biya and a gang of his criminal Loyalists stole the election so as to consolidate their position in his failed administration.

This is the exactitude or a representation of what caused the seizure of his passport.

Longue Longue suffered alot of ignominy and indignity before recovering his passport

He knelt in public places pleading and beseeching of the authorities to return his passport.

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