Cameroon: 15 year old ‘plane inventor’ gets national attention

15-year Tsague Vidiol is standing tall as the pride of the nation following is a mind-blowing achievement.

The young lad from North West region had just built and flew a small plane using a remote in a video which has gone viral on social media

First aired by DW Africa, his work has attracted the interest of local news organs like TeboPost and CRTV

During an interview with the German broadcaster DW Africa, his father applauded his strides but regrets the fact that he can’t send him to school to further his dreams and achieve his ambitions of becoming an engineer due to the Anglophone crisis which has hampered economic activities in the region

Tsague Vidiol with representative of prime minister, Mbayu Felix

Tsague Vidiol with a representative of the prime minister, Mbayu Felix

Their frustration would then be trumpeted by media, attracting the attention of senior government officials.

Information reaching TeboPost says the young Tsague Vidiol was invited to Yaoundé yesterday August 11th, 2020

He met with the representative of the prime minister-Felic Mbayu and minister of state, secretary-general at the presidency Ferdinand NgoH Ngoh in two separate audiences

Many Cameroonians have expressed satisfaction with the government for welcoming such initiatives and are hoping the state will invest in the young Cameroonian to harness his budding potentials

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