Biya and Obiang set high level security meeting to end border dispute

There is a famous saying that “you can listen to silence and actually learn a lot from it”

This seem to be the new modus operandi of the new head of the diocese of Buea, bishop Michael Bibi

The man of God has gone mute, totally silent ever since the outlawed board members issued a second communique summoning him for dialogue to resolve the CUIB crisis barely a day after the Fako court’s decision.

In a June 24th 2020 communique which critics say was filled with arrogance and disrespect, the supposed board members outrightly blamed the bishop for the crisis in the University and tried to shield Fr Nkeze from any wrongdoing.

They went ahead to call for dialogue with the bishop even as their mandate is in serious questions within church circles and they also tried to undermine the appointment of Professor Julius Ngoh as new Presidemt of the University saying they want some one who is “ morally and academically sound” as new head

The letter from supposed board members ( with atleast three of them being employees of the University) has shocked Christians.

Christians of Buea diocese are stunned how a group of individuals, most of them relatives became so powerful as to challenge the authority of a bishop over a diocesan property

Critics of Fr Nkeze has lambasted him for orchestrating a rebellion against his bishop punctuated by all sort of slanderous social media campaign against the prelate

But as legals experts scrambled to weigh in on the competence of Fako court to make decisions about the church giving the existing framework agreement between Vatican and Yaounde vis a vis church properties, the bishop has been silent and deservingly so.

The chief shepherd of the diocese has refused to respond to the call of a board whose members he had dismissed, maintaining a holy silence to their demand for dialogue as uncertainty looms of the future of the University

*Critical date*

July 1st 2020 was suppose to be the day new officials of the University would be sworn as top officials there were fired.

The dismissed board says Fr Nkeze has accepted to go, but yet failed to endorse the new President

But amidst a looming court decision suspending the bishop’s appointments and Nkeze telling some employees he will go and get requesting they apply to him if they wish to continue working, the days ahead might be pregnant for a University meant to train servant leaders.

Sources closer to the outgoing administration say they are very worried with the silence of the bishop and no one knows what’s going on

Our source also told us the board members are not counting on the decision of the court and are hoping the bishop will call for a meeting but no one within the camp believes that will happen giving the public feud.

The apostolic administrator had earlier indicated that he is only a representative of the pope, an indication that he might have channeled the court’s decision to the Vatican and Rome is yet to respond

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